Holly, Queen of Capital ™ runs her Short-term Management company with the enthusiasm of a guest.

Holly Lynn, Queen of Capital ™

Holly Lynn, Queen of Capital ™ is an experienced businesswoman, influencer, networker, financier, and short-term rental guru. With over 20 years of experience, she is at the pinnacle of her career. Holly also is a world traveler, and mover and shaker. Her “Platinum Rolodex” is a networking web of worldwide contacts. She has built a strong foundation in the networking arena, both organically and digitally.

Queen of Capital ™

The term “Queen of Capital ™” was given to Holly while at a conference.  She was chatting with a friend when a passerby said, “ Do you know who you are talking to? That is the Queen of Capital ™.”

When the friend asked why he called her the Queen of Capital ™, he stated she raises as much capital for investors as the Queen of England. Everyone laughed.


The moniker stuck, and a brand was born.

The Airbnb Magician

She is: The Airbnb Magician

Booking short-term rentals is not always a breeze. Sometimes, for homeowners, 

the expectation is high, but the actual workload experience can be daunting. 

When trouble ensues, homeowners ask, “Who can I call? What can I do?”

That is when Holly Lynn whips up her magic to make sure that everything is in order, from booking to the end of the customer’s stay. 

Holly Lynn not only rent out spaces and places, she ‘rents’ out unique, memorable experiences for all to keep treasured in their minds and hearts and the desire to return.


Holly Lynn is one of the hottest influencers around, and it was built on her tenacity to construct her business network from scratch.  The people wanted to see more of her, so her presence was sought after by tri-media, social media, speaking engagements, and gracing social circles. 

As her friends’ list, fan base, and viewers began to grow, she sought to bring value by providing quality content that people would enjoy.

She utilizes her platforms to showcase her clients’ properties for short-term rentals, real estate, and hard money loans. She also cross-promotes with other influencers to maximize business opportunities for her clients.

Holly’s reputation has been earned one transaction at a time with no substitute for hard work and honesty. Take advantage of her proven successes in Short-term management, hard money lending, and financial fields.

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