Holly, Queen of Capital ™ runs her Short-term Management company with the enthusiasm of a guest.

Holly Lynn, Queen of Capital

Holly Lynn, Queen of Capital ™ is an experienced businesswoman, influencer, networker, financier, and short-term rental guru. With over 20 years of experience, she is at the pinnacle of her career.

Holly also is a world traveler, and mover and shaker. Her “Platinum Rolodex” is a networking web of worldwide contacts. She has built a strong foundation in the networking arena, both organically and digitally.

Some of Holly’s skills include:

  • Networking and Influencing
  • Media
  • Communications
  • Leadership

Holly is a graduate of San Francisco State University, College of Business. She specializes in helping people with various areas of real estate needs. She is a creative and results-driven resource who can assist investors at every level.

Her authentic, personal relationships with both lenders, investors, and media; coupled with her vision, work ethic, and endless desire to make the deal work; position her as a sought-after, leader in the industry.

She is a self-taught deal maker who has always had a keen business sense. She works with homeowners, investors, and syndications across the board, who are looking for real estate investments that produce passive income streams.

Holly’s reputation has been earned one transaction at a time with no substitute for hard work and honesty. Take advantage of her proven successes in Short-term management, hard money lending, and financial fields.

“Holly made our transition easy and smooth! She was not only knowledgeable and helpful but we pretty much just gave her the keys and she got our home booked fast. We can’t say enough amazing things about her and we will definitely refer her to our family and friends in the future.”
“A few days ago, I connected with Holly not knowing much about short-term rentals. I received a marketing email from her and had been thinking about possibly using this option to rent my home, so I reached out and scheduled a consultation, then when we met SHE KNEW WHAT I NEEDED BEFORE I COULD TELL HER!! She was on it.. she is amazing. Holly made my experience extremely easy and stress-free because she did take care of everything! It was an overall great experience.”

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