Holly made our transition easy and smooth! She was not only knowledgeable and helpful but we pretty much just gave her the keys and she got our home booked fast. We can't say enough amazing things about her and we will definitely refer her to our family and friends in the future.

Mark and Paula French


The best rental service thus far... the staging, monthly checks, they order linens, keep supplies stocked, clean the place, and maintain damages. THE-ABSOLUTE-BEST!

Julia Ecker


A few days ago, I connected with Holly not knowing much about short-term rentals. I received a marketing email from her and had been thinking about possibly using this option to rent my home, so I reached out and scheduled a consultation, then when we met SHE KNEW WHAT I NEEDED BEFORE I COULD TELL HER!! She was on it.. she is amazing. Holly made my experience extremely easy and stress-free because she did take care of everything! It was an overall great experience.

Sheri Ripley


Holly has been hosting my Airbnb rental property for a couple of years. We worked together in the beginning to set a target goal for each month, and she has never let me down or broken her promise. I truly don't know how she manages to handle it all; I rarely have to do a thing!

Her passion and diligence are evident in every aspect of her work, and almost all of our guests comment on her outstanding hospitality. With Holly, I feel condident and assured that I could not have entrusted my investment in the hands of anyone better.

Fady Baskharon


So glad they service Boston! I moved from my condo into a new home last year, and my first thought was to sell the condo,  but I didn't want to part with it.  I didn't know all the options that I could do with it; I wanted to use it still when I was in the area.

Holly came recommended by a friend of mine who gets her house managed and also booked. At first, I wasn't into the thought of dealing with a revolving door of people possibly using my space, but then I watched for a while and paid attention to how she managed my friends. I was impressed. Their screening criteria were excellent, and I never had to do anything.

 The best part is when I receive a monthly payment and a statement, and I reach out to them when I want to stay there. I would recommend it in a heartbeat!

Abbie L. Allen